2009-2010   Lecture Lecturer
Sep 9th 2009 Love and Loss: The Story of Orpheus and Eurydice in Art and Music Lois Oliver
Oct 14th 2009 Delights For the Senses.’ Exquisite RareVessels for Perfume Anne Haworth
Nov 11th 2009 From Turkey to Trifle:Festive Food and Customs of the Georgians and Victorians  . Jane Tapley
Dec 9th 2009 A celebration of Christmas in Music and Painting Janet Canetty-Clarke
Jan 13th 2010 Houses and Gardens in the Bordeaux Region Helen McCabe
Feb 10th 2010 Murder, Sex and Mayhem in English Churches John Vigar
Mar 10th 2010 Mackintosh and Glasgow John Clyde Goodfellow Binfield
Apr 14th 2010 Lee Miller and Picasso Anthony Penrose
May 12th 2010  . Iona, Lindisfarne and the Glory of the North a 7th/8th Century Miracle Patrica Wrlght
Jun 9th 2010 The History of the Skyscraper Anthea Streeter