2010-2011 Lecture Lecturer
Sep 8th 2010 Welsh Quilts and their stories Jen Jones
Oct 13th 2010 King George III,”The most cultured monarch”; art collector and friend of America. Oliver Everett
Nov 10th 2010 Meet me at the Waldorf: the story of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel Mary Alexander
Dec 8th 2010 Wonder workers and the art of illusion, the history of magic through art & pictures. Bertie Pearce
Jan 12th 2011 Tibet – the roof of the world Zara Fleming
Feb 9th 2011 Art inspired by wine John Ericson
Mar 9th 2011 The mosaics of Ravenna Christopher Herbert
Apr 13th 2011 Travel and pilgrimage in the middle ages Imogen Corrigan
May 11th 2011 The History of English Fairs, Markets and Shops. Andrew Davies
Jun 8th 2011 The Cult of the South Pacific from Cook to Gauguin Leslie Primo