2015 – 2016        . Lecture                                                                                                         Lecturer
Sep 9th 2015 Introduction to English Heraldry Colin Lattimore
Oct 14th 2015 What did the Egyptians ever do for Bolton?  . Jacqueline Hyman
Nov 11th 2015 The City of London and its Livery Companies Yasha Beresiner
Dec 9th 2015 A Christmas Pie Jeanne Dolmetsch
Jan 13th 2016 Tea, Opium and Hong Kong – the China Trade Patrick Conner
Feb 10th 2016 Great Twentieth Century Art Collectors John Iddon
Mar 9th 2016 John Singer Sargent Frank Woodgate
Apr 13th 2016 Leonardo to You: the History of Art and Science Sally Hoban
May 11th 2016 A Little Paradise: Laos, Historic Buddhist Temples to Modern Silkweaving     .
Jun 8th 2016 Urbino: the One Eyed Duke’s Renaissance       AGM 2.00pm Christopher Herbert