2016 – 2017        . Lecture                                                                                                         Lecturer
Sep 14th 2016 Edouard Manet: The Rebel in a Frock Coat Julian Halsby
Oct 12th 2016 The Elgin Marbles: a History of Meaning Alan Read
Nov 9th 2016 The Lure of Ivory Maggie Campbell-Pederson
Dec 14th 2016 Oh! Yes It Is, the History of Pantomime Jane Tapley
Jan 11th 2017 The Golden Section – Devine Proportion in Art Alexandra Epps
Feb 8th 2017 Milord Abroad – The British Grand Tour William Forrester
Mar 8th 2017 Restoring the Arte of Kent Sarah Cove
Apr 12th 2017 William Blake, Samuel Palmer and the Ancients Susan Owens
May 10th 2017 Children’s Book Illustration     .  John Ericson
Jun 14th 2017 The Far Side of the World: Captain James Cook       AGM 2.00pm Peter Warwick