8th Sep 2010 Welsh Quilts
28th Oct 2010 Samplers
12th Apr 2011 Bay of Naples and Amalfi Coast
27th Oct 2011 Japanese Architecture, Gardens, Costumes and Festivals
16th Feb 2012 Clocks and Watches
30th Oct 2012 William Morris
20th Feb 2013 Aboriginal Art
29th Oct 2013 Book Binding and More
5th Mar 2014 Smashing Glass. Studio Visit to Andy McConnell
28th Oct 2014 The Huguenots  Sue Jackson
15th April 2015 The Music and Art of Vienna and Berlin Peter Medhurst
16th Feb 2016 Princesses, Pjamas and Palazzi. Anne Haworth.
14th Feb 2017 Provocative Art.  Frank Woodgate.
13th Feb 2018 Search for Woven Art.  Brian MacDonald
19th Feb 2019 Fine Art of Crime. Malcom Kenwood