14th Sep 2010 Bletchley Park
25th Nov 2010 Leighton House and 18 Stafford Terrace
24th Mar 2011 Lambeth Palace
17th May 2011 Wren Churches and St Paul’s
15th Jun 2011 Petworth House and Gardens
21st Sep 2011 Watt’s Gallery & Chapel
10th Nov 2011 Brighton Pavilion
15th Mar 2012 Chatham Dockyard
16th May 2012 Godinton House
27th Sep 2012 Restoration House and Rochester Cathedral
19th Mar 2013                . National Portrait Gallery
24th Apr 2013 Audley End
18th Jun 2013 Chiswick House
17th Oct 2013 A Walking Tour of Canterbury and Visit to the Cathedral
24th Apr 2014 Farley Farm and Charleston – British Art at Home
June 2014 Hampton Court
15th Oct 2014 Chagall at Tudeley Church and Finchcocks Musical Museum
23rd Apr 2015 The Village of Cookham,Stanley Spencer Gallery and Cliveden House.
3rd June 2015 The Reform Club and the Royal Chelsea Hospital.
18th Nov 2015 BBC Portland Place
24th May 2016 Hugenden Manor
18th October 2017 Bletchley Park.
19th Apr 2018 Chichester Cathedral and Pallant House Gallery
5th Jun 2018 Romney Marsh Churches